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Dr. Evita Fernandez

Dr. Evita Fernandez

Dr. Evita Fernandez (FRCOG) is the Managing Director and Senior Consultant Obstetrician at Stork Home with more than three decades of experience.

Dr. Evita strongly believes in empowering women to make choices, especially with regard to issues surrounding birth. Convinced of the need for professional midwives in India, Dr. Evita launched a two-year Professional Midwifery Education and Training (PMET) Programme in the hospital in 2011. She is presently spearheading PROMISE – the Professional Midwifery Services campaign that is committed to creating a national cadre of professional midwives who care for and deliver low-risk pregnant women. Dr. Evita has converted the hospital into a recognised teaching institution that follows strict protocols. She focuses on team-building – enthusing people to work as a coordinated unit towards a common goal of excellence.


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