We have a well-equipped, modern facility for women’s care, which follows our unique ideology of sharing correct information, and inviting you to participate in any decision-making concerning your health.


Gynaecology is the clinical area focused on the health of the female reproductive system, and covers a wide range of different conditions and age groups.

Many conditions are addressed through medication and lifestyle changes, instead of surgery. Our doctors reflect our ideology of giving women the right information, and empowering them to make the right choices for their bodies.

At Stork Home you will find that our team of gynaecologists have many years of experience diagnosing and treating a wide range of medical conditions that affect women. Beginning from problems in pre-puberty to post-menopause, we offer a holistic approach to women’s care delivered via Out Patient, Day Care Surgery, and In Patient Services which include:

  • General gynaecology: including screening for genital cancers, cervical cancer vaccination, etc.
  • Emergency Gynaecology: Round-the-clock services to treat ectopic pregnancies, twisted ovarian cysts, etc.
  • Reproductive Medicine Services: Ovulation inductions, intrauterine inseminations
  • Urogynaecology

Modern, minimally invasive surgical techniques, enable shorter stays in hospital and a quicker recovery.

  • Keyhole surgery for diagnostic hysteroscopy, laparoscopy to treat infertility, irregular bleeding, bleeding after menopause
  • Operative hysteroscopy for endometrial polyps, uterine abnormalities, submucous fibroids
  • Operative laparoscopy for endometriosis, fibroids (myomectomy) and ovarian cysts
  • Scarless vaginal hysterectomy for abnormal uterine bleeding
  • Vaginal surgeries for prolapse and urinary incontinence
  • Total laparoscopic hysterectomy
  • Abdominal hysterectomy for large abdominal masses and huge fibroids

Urogynaecology Service

Urogynaecology is an emerging speciality of gynaecology. This service includes the care of women with urinary incontinence, bladder problems like recurrent urine infections, bladder pain and voiding problems.

We deal with complex pelvic organ prolapses, including vault prolapse – a known complication following a hysterectomy. We perform surgeries for management of stress incontinence, cystoscopies, pelvic floor repairs, and


Investigation and management of infertile couples, forms a major portion of our general gynaecology practice. We offer full time access to

pelvic ultrasound scanning and support the management of fertility and early pregnancy related issues.

Same-Day Procedures

We offer an initial consultation, and diagnostic test in one visit. We are equipped to perform all tests and scans simultaneously, and to draw up and execute a treatment plan immediately. Making our clinic a one-stop 

solution for conditions such as abnormal bleeding, in which a scan, consultation and the surgical procedures (endometrial biopsy, levonorgestrel IUCD insertion) can take place in a single visit under local anaesthesia. 

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