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Birthing the Natural Way!
Prachi and Mahat welcome new life through natural birth.

Birth can indeed be a surreal experience if a woman trusts her body, has a supportive birth team and labours in a safe and secure environment.

Prachi, a first-time mother with a low-risk pregnancy, was under midwifery care, attended all the childbirth classes and was very keen to have a waterbirth. She went past her due date and was looking forward to an intervention-free start to her labour. Prachi and her baby were carefully monitored. At 41 weeks, Prachi set into labour. She came to the hospital and was assessed by the Midwife. She was found to be 1 cm dilated. Prachi and Mahat were given an option to go home and return once the waves progressed, but they wished to stay back at the hospital. Prachi was taken to the birthing room and was supported by Mahat, her doula and midwife.

The aura of the birthing room added to the sacredness of the birthing process with dim lighting, aroma of lavender, soft music playing in the background, and the walls adorned with birth affirmations, family photos and fairy lights. The waves progressed quickly and Prachi was finding it difficult to cope. Her doula kept massaging her aching back and gave her plenty of juices to drink. Prachi seemed to find a lot of comfort sitting on the commode with warm water being sprayed on her back alternating with sitting in the opposite direction on the chair. So that was exactly what her birth team did, serving her just the way she had wanted them to.

All this while the baby was being carefully monitored by the midwife. They went one wave at a time, holding space for Prachi as she soared through her waves. She soon started feeling a lot of pressure and began bearing down. The midwife got the pool ready and helped Prachi get into the pool. She slowly began to relax, following her instincts and changing positions from sitting upright to the all- 4’s position, from standing to squatting in the pool. It was getting intense for Prachi and she used the Entonox gas to help cope.

Prachi soon began to vocalize while feeling the ring of fire at her perineum. Within a few minutes, the baby’s head was visible at the perineum. Slowly and steadily, she followed her body and began breathing her baby down. Her birth team continued playing their role as cheerleaders. It was truly a magical moment seeing Prachi and her baby lock eyes even before the baby was completely out of her body. A few minutes later, Mahat took the privilege of bringing his son out of the water and placing him on Prachi’s chest as she embraced him adoringly. It was indeed an emotional moment watching the new parents as they welcomed their bundle of joy into the world. Twenty-three minutes later the cord pulsations stopped and Mahat cut the cord. Prachi was helped out of the pool. She had a few sutures put while Mahat provided the skin-to-skin to his son. When Prachi was ready, she continued providing the skin-to-skin and began breastfeeding her beautiful baby boy.

It is so important that we stop viewing every birth as an emergency, because it is not. Only if we attempt to understand and accept this, can we help pregnant women believe in their bodies, trust in their ability to birth and find their true power.

Congratulations Prachi and Mahat for achieving the birth you wanted.

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    A Transformational Step into Motherhood…
    Nidhi and Piyush’s incredible birthing experience under collaborative care

    Nidhi’s birth story reinforced the fact that birthing is an incredible and transformational experience, indeed a rite of passage into motherhood.

    Nidhi was a low-risk mother and was under midwifery care through her pregnancy. During her 40 weeks of pregnancy, she was found to have very low amniotic fluid levels and was advised an induction of labour. Nidhi and Piyush made an informed decision after discussing it with their doctor and got admitted. Nidhi went through the induction process and over the next 24 hours of waiting, she tried all the comfort measures- nutrition, plenty of warm showers, back massages, acupressure, romatherapy, movement and adopting different positions of choice. All the while she kept rhythmically breathing with her waves and listening to the birth affirmation tracks. Nidhi and Piyush kept talking to their baby in the womb. Nidhi and her baby were being carefully monitored right through the induction process.

    24 hrs later she was reassessed and was found to be 1 cm open with positive cervical changes. An informed decision for reinduction was taken. Nidhi was exhausted and requested a pain relief injection after which she managed to rest for a while. The waves progressed and with the help of Piyush, Nidhi managed with position changes and warm showers. A few hours later, the waves became more intense and Nidhi was shifted to the birthing room. With her consent, she was examined and was 9 cms open. Nidhi and Piyush could hardly believe this. They were relieved and happy and looked forward to meeting their baby. Soon Nidhi started to feel a lot of pressure and instinctively adopted the all- 4’s position alternating with the squatting position. She quietly continued bearing down with her waves and ultimately squatted on the floor and breathed her baby down.

    With tears in her eyes and cradling her just-born son in her arms, Nidhi could not stop admiring the little wonder she had created, carried within her and birthed in the most natural way. Piyush had his own fears around the birthing process, but he put everything aside and unconditionally supported Nidhi and his baby.

    Nidhi enjoyed the uninterrupted skin-to-skin for over an hour while continuing to trust her body to provide for her baby. She then gently began breastfeeding him.

    Congratulations Nidhi and Piyush for achieving the birth you wanted.

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