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“Our special thanks to midwife Teresa for helping us though a normal delivery without an epidural.”

“Brilliant work! I got what I wanted, a natural birth without any intervention, just like the women who have given birth since ages. My choice was respected.”

“Sr. Jismi (midwife) made me feel like me and that my feelings are very important to this world. Kudos to her!”

“Very skilful, and their decision-making was excellent. They were very careful throughout the procedure, especially Jayasree, who was very helpful. She has shown lots of empathy.”

“Midwives Tintu and Zuber were very supportive during the entire process and guided me fantastically towards a normal delivery.”

“100% attention to the birth plan by the midwife. Amazing! She checked on me the day after delivery. It was a great gesture.”

“All midwives are very skilled and professional and are providing excellent services. The way these super ladies helped me during my labour is unforgettable. God bless you all and continue the great job”

“Yes, I felt that the midwife’s role is very important during delivery. In this I felt that midwives are very patient and caring. Everything is explained in detail. Thanks to all these people.”

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